Image of Painting Monument Valley 2022
Painting in Monument Valley on the Arizona Utah border.

Image of Karen Ver Burg, artist

Karen’s Bio

Karen is a Pacific Northwest artist whose paintings are inspired by the beauty of the West, the mountains, lakes and bays, and her travels around the world. She has a special interest in boats, buildings, and figures in the landscape. She holds a degree in Graphic Design and has worked as a graphic designer in publishing, a commercial artist for a national newspaper, and a draftsman and drafting instructor for an international engineering firm.

She has transitioned from the precise detail work of engineered drawings to the fine art expression of light, color, line and texture in her paintings in watercolor and acrylics. She prefers to paint and sketch plein air (outdoors) and brings the inspiration of those works into her studio to either finish or inspire other paintings. She enjoys the challenge of using bold colors, geometric shapes, strong light and shadow to describe a sense of place or mood.

Her motivation to create and share her work comes from her love for God, the Creator of all, and His daily provision and guidance in her life. Painting brings great joy to Karen’s life and she hopes that her paintings will reflect that joy to you.